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Heavenly Music


 “THIS MUSIC IS SO HEAVENLY I just love the music that you sing especially: Desperate for Yah and Behind the Veil, that music is straight from heaven.”
Gerald C.

“Your music is the most beautiful I've ever heard, so angelic. My favorite so far is "Yaweh is my Everything". I go out to the streets. I am a Pastor to the homeless and love to sing Gods music... The HOLY SPIRIT does flow thru your music. God bless you abundantly. He sure gave you a beatiful voice an talent in music. I will always keep you in prayers. Thank you Pastor Dawn” 

 “You have uplifted my soul. Being a new member to the Messianic Jewish movement learning all the names of G-d is so wonderful. I put your music on practically all of the time. It speaks to my soul. Keep on with the love in your heart for Yeshua <3”  DM Guza

 “Your voice dear sister is so anointed and it is very clear the Ruach has touched your voice for it cuts deep into ones heart and really touches the person. I weep quite a bit when listening to your songs. We have never heard anyone sing like you do.”
Achoti SS

 “Shalom! I just discovered your music! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am drunk on His wine tonight!”  Linda

 “I really feel the presence of God, This voice is like an Angel. God bless you”  Estella, Mexico

 “I'm crying right now. The song "Behind the Veil" brings you RIGHT into YHWHs presence MiYAH !bless YOU!”  YazzyYahu

 “Your voice is soooooooooooo amazing MiYah, and your voice is at the top of my list for favorite singers.. There is an anointing when you sing MiYah.You sing from your heart and you can feel it! It is amazing and touching! YAH Almighty is with you and my prayers go with you too!”  GM


Praise to Yah Alimighty


 “MiYah the genuineness of who and what you are radiates through your music to the degree my wife and I actually hear your annointing.”  Timothy H.

 “This music is truly a blessing creating an atmosphere for praising Yahweh. I have it on my computer, a cd in my car and bought several to give to my group members. This is too good not to share so that we may all praise the Father in HIS proper name. Bless you as you sing for the KING and bring more into the Kingdom of Yahweh. Shalom ~”  R. Campbell

 “Wow, you have an incredible gift, I shared your song "Behind the Veil" and it was so anointed everyone else in the room cried. I personally have found a lot of restoration in your music, in my time of suffering. Thank-you.”- Gawaholi

 “I have to tell you this! For the last year or so, my 7 year old son had been plagued by nightmares to the point where he just wasn't sleeping and he was tired all day. Well about 2 weeks ago, I put in the "Roar" CD for him to listen to on repeat all night. I can tell you that as of today, he has NOT had a nightmare on any night since then! I firmly believe that since the music is anointed and each song from scripture, that the demons are afraid to invade his dreams. Thank you for being obedient to Yah and letting Him bless others thru the music He gives you! I am waiting 'patiently' for your next project...”  April Jacobs Childers

 “Ahhhhh wow MiYah! Thank you for this set~apart music full of praise to YAH! I LOVE your voice and ministry in YHWH!" Ginger

 “I am glad YHWH raises up people like you to rock other people's boats & shake things up. I think it's great what you are doing!”  Janna

 “I really appreciate you staying in the Word of God in your music and your boldness. I encourage you to continue. Chakhama. Wisdom, Understanding, searching knowledge in the Holy Things. Proverbs 16:3”  Cheri

 “I love your inspiring music. I Hope you continue benefiting those around you with the inspirational true words that only can be found in the only way, truth, and life --our King of kings and his holy word.” 

J. Smith



 “I will never forget the first time I heard MiYah's song "Behind the Veil" I fell in love immediately. As a dancer, I feel this is a break through in worship music to not only celebrate Adonai, but to get into His presence like never before. I can't pick just one favorite from this CD, each song speaks and ministers to me. Todah MiYah, for your beautiful music.” Carnirel 

  “I am blessed each time I hear you sing. There are not enough wonderful things I can say about what you sing and why. SHABBAT SHALOM. I Pray for Peace in Israel, may it come soon.”  Chris Janis

  “You have touched our hearts and got us through some very hard days, the Father has used you to touch many hearts for Him. You have an amazing voice and you can tell it comes from the Father... To be honest we do not listen to anyone else's music and when lead to your music it really opened our hearts and we were all touched by them all. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and the world. May the Father show favour to you always.”  Achoti USA

 “Your music, leaves me breathless. Thank you for sharing your gifting and drawing me into worship. I have your album Roar of the Lion of Judah, but there are other songs that I would love to have in my library, like Search Me Yah. Love, love, love”

 “Sitting at home listening to your music and it takes me places. Thank you! LOVE IT! This is my kind of worship music, heavy on the perc and Holy Spirit.” 

Donna N.

 “i loves worship, i loves you, thank you, thailand loves you...”- Orawan

 “I know YAH is with you big time MiYah, and has anointed you in music ministry.I was listening to your song (repeat) for about 45 minutes the other night, I was sobbing before YAH Almighty as I praised YAH to you song called 'Everything'.That song is my favorite you've done.I love the words, your voice and the guitar playing!! It is beautiful and ministers to me so much MiYah!”  G



Music for the Whole Family!

 “Our family loves MiYahs' music! She has a great sound that everyone loves, even our pre-teen girls! I love the fact that she uses so many bible verses in her songs. I can't wait to hear what she comes out with next!”  CJ

“Fantastic music for those who are looking for music about Yahweh. So refreshing to hear music that is truly Bible based. My little granddaughter really likes the song, "Baruch Haba B'shem Yahweh." Thank you Miyah!”  Jane

“I just had to tell you that my 6 year old son loves the new 'Roar' CD! When we are together in my car, he makes me play it over and over again. His favorite song is 'Behind The Veil', followed by 'Dance To Yahweh'. It's so awesome because he'll be playing with his toys and singing these songs from memory! We are looking forward to your next project! <3” AC

"Hi MiYah! I have discovered your music and I am overwhelmed. There is great depth and energy to it and our family is loving it. Blessings... ” TH

“Miyah, you are an amazing blessing to us all. Music praising our Father is so rare, and my two boys love your music. May you go from strength to strength through the Spirit of our only Almighty Elohim Abba. ” Nic

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The Name - Ha Shem

For those worshippers who wish their music and worship experience to remain holy (set-apart), miYah's lyrics do not use pagan titles to replace the Father's name.

 “I just wanted to let you know that you are such a blessing for our family to listen to. It is so hard ti find music that is set apart and doesn't mix with pagan names! We have your cd in my husband and my car and in both children's cd player at night. We just adore your music! Praise Yahwey for giving you the gift! We are patiently awaiting your second album. May Yahwey bless you and keep you and give you shalom!”  Achoti Christine

 “I absolutely LOVE this CD! I've had it now for 5 months and the songs "Everything" and "Behind the Veil" still give me goose bumps. The words of worship are so strong and very uplifting. re: ROAR CD "A true blessing to have Praise music in the true Name of the Creator and Heavenly Father Yahweh. I also love the mix of English and Hebrew. A must have...." Dyanne

 “...The restoration of the use of Abba's Hebrew names (instead of the pagan origin translated names) are also very important and it is so frustrating to have all the wonderful Messianic music but then the moment they sing in English they will use 'Yeshua' but for our Father they will still call 'LORD' and 'God'. So it was so wonderful to discover your music MiYah, which is Scriptural as well as the use of the Restored Names. May. YHVH bless you for that!. Thank you for sharing your gift with us as you are a blessing and an instrument of our Abba. It is lovely!”  Achoti IC, S. Africa

 “Shalom MiYah, I live here in East Africa with my family. I have been moved much by your Music. I preach and practice Torah and the true names of salvation here in Kenya. If at one time you feel led to minister in Africa, welcome to our place Shabbat Shalom”  PN

 “I'm listening your songs for YAH and it's very inspiring since you are calling Him in His real Name.. I praise YHWH for that..”  Marilou

 “I just can't stress how grateful I am because I have been weeding thru music trying to find things pure on the names. So many spiritual songs are filled with names and sometimes ideals that burn ears. It was an honor to take the time! It's more an honor to know how much you Honor the Almighty. That's a pleasure to know.”  Jesse

 “Thank you MiYah just heard a bunch of your music on YouTube, thanks especially for keeping the names clean! May Yahweh and Yahshua bless you beyond measure and thank you Yahweh for sending such a huge blessing and answer to prayers. Halleluyah!”  JL

 “It is wonderful what you are doing and you are giving the believers of HIS TRUE NAME and HIS SON music to sing praise and listen to. May our Heavenly FATHER YAHWEH always remember you, HIS RUACH live in you and HIS SON YAHSHUA bless you in all you do! Your music is wonderful!”  R777

 “WOW WOW all I can say is i have never heard anything like this and with YAHWEH real name WOW may YAHweh bless you, I need this music it is like the flood gates of heaven have poured out on you. HalleluYAH”  Iatbol


Todah Raba - Thank you so very much!!

Thank you for so many testimonials and for your love, support, and encouragement. Although we can't publish all the testimonials- we are truly grateful for each letter and love offering.  We are most thankful that the music the Father allows us to write and produce touches and encourages the lives of HIS PEOPLE.