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"I will sing praises unto Thee throughout the nations." Psalm 57:9


Singing in both English and Hebrew, miYah’s songs have touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of believers across the globe...with nearly 2 million YouTube views. “ROAR” brings a fresh new sound to Hebraic music, combining both conventional and unconventional genres to deliver Torah based messages through song. Singer-songwriter miYah’s music spans the spectrum from introspective “Hebraic Heart” songs to bring you closer to Abba to upbeat rhythms that will make you want to dance before the throne of the Most High. We believe you will be blessed by “ROAR” with music which is dedicated to Our Heavenly Father and His Remnant scattered among the nations.

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Shalom Everyone!  Recently we went to check on our website and it had disappeared.  Unfortunately, our host accidently deleted it and all the files- so this is a temporary site until we can design something new.  Blessings & Love from miYah and staff 

Where can I hear miYah's music?


LISTEN FREE at (2 free downloads) and MP3 downloads can be found all over the internet starting with and To purchase a physical ROAR CD for yourself or as a gift, send $14 via PayPal to include your email and mailing address. Special bulk orders for resale or friends: 10 CDs for $75. Contact us @: if you need to send a money order.


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